The Braidwater Group has teamed up with Apex Housing Association to provide residents of Black Ridge (Glenmona) and the surrounding areas with a new state of the art defibrillator.

Launching the new Black Ridge defibrillator are (L-r): John Smith, Clerk of Works, Apex Housing Association; Alastair Jackson, Site Manager, Braidwater Group; Micheal Donnelly, Community Development Manager, Upper Springfield Development Trust; and Gareth Gamble, Site Manager, Braidwater Group.

In place to address potential cardiac emergencies, the defibrillator can be easily accessed to ensure a swift and effective response when required.

Black Ridge will see the creation of a new mixed-use urban village by Apex Housing Association (Apex) under the guidance of leading house builder, BW Social Affordable Housing, which is part of the Braidwater Group. 

Work first commenced on the site early in 2021 and the development will mature with over 650 social and affordable homes on the 75-acre site in the west of the capital city.

Along with the homes, the development will also comprise a community centre with MUGA (multi-use games area) pitch, two care homes, a neighbourhood retail centre, a hotel and a number of children’s play areas.

The advanced next generator defibrillator is the HeartSave Y, which supports the first aider through clear visual and simple acoustic instructions and an automated process of resuscitation measures. It is equipped with the latest user-friendly interface and will empower residents to administer life-saving interventions with confidence and efficiency.

Key features of the new defibrillator include:

  • Advanced Automated Functionality: The defibrillator unit boasts intuitive automated functions, ensuring prompt and accurate diagnosis of cardiac events. With clear voice prompts and visual instructions, users can navigate the device seamlessly, even in high-stress situations.
  • Compact and Accessible Design: Engineered for convenience, the defibrillator is strategically positioned close to the main entrance for easy accessibility, ensuring residents can swiftly locate and deploy these vital medical resources.
  • Universal Electrodes: The electrodes can be used for adults and children.
  • Effective Shock Delivery: Depending on need, up to 360 J can be delivered for an effective treatment.

Commenting on the introduction of the new defibrillator and emphasising how a safer living environment was important for all, Darren Farnan, the Braidwater Group said this week:

‘’Black Ridge is a massive development and we at Braidwater are cognizant of the safety and well-being of our residents. By integrating advanced defibrillator technology onto the site, we’re taking proactive measures to foster a safer living environment for all.

‘Indeed, we are also delighted to confirm that the defibrillator will be relocated to the new community hub once built and be integrated into the fabric of the local scene.’’

Sheena McCallion, Chief Executive of Apex Housing Association, commented:

“With many families already enjoying their new homes in Black Ridge and many more to move in over the coming months and years, we are pleased to partner with the Braidwater Group to provide this defibrillator for local people to use in the event of a cardiac emergency.  At Apex, we are about providing much more than housing; and although we hope this unit is never needed, we know it will provide peace of mind for hundreds of households as this community grows.”

Community Development Manager from the Upper Springfield Development Trust, Micheal Donnelly, said: 

‘It’s great that both the Braidwater Group and Apex have taken the proactive approach of installing a much needed defibrillator on the new Black Ridge site.

‘It’s a vital life saving piece of equipment that you hope you never have to use but having it in such close proximity in the event it is ever called upon is sometimes the difference between life and death.

How frequently defibrillators are called upon is actually higher than one would expect and it’s great that one is being added to Black Ridge.’