BW Social Affordable Housing, part of the Braidwater Group, and Radius Housing held a public consultation session last week at the West Bann Development Centre in relation to the proposed development at Laurel Hill.

A well attended public consultation for Laurel Hill.

During this session, residents of the local community were able to share their views on the latest phase of the Laurel Hill project, review the proposed plans, and liaise with delivery partners involved in the project.

The Laurel Hill Phase 3 project focuses on the urban regeneration of a vacant zoned site to address local housing needs. This development includes plans for the provision of approximately 90 homes, including several houses tailored for community members with specific accessibility requirements.

Uel Moore of Moore Design explains what the new development consists of.

The project is committed to being a low carbon development, incorporating extensive biodiversity and greenery measures. It will also emphasise the preservation of established trees and the enhancement of green spaces.

Furthermore, the proposed development aims to stimulate job creation during construction and contribute to the local economy upon occupancy, ultimately fostering the creation of a thriving new neighbourhood within the established community.

Vincent Bradley, Development Director at BW Social Affordable Housing was delighted with the turnout: “We extended invitations to the public as we believe that feedback is crucial in ensuring that the proposed plans meet the needs of the local community. Our goal is to be considerate neighbours, and we were pleased with the valuable input and feedback provided by attendees.”

The public consultation included a model of the proposed development.