As part of the Braidwater Group’s yearly programme of working with local charities and in line with our commitment to support the communities we operate in, we have an allocated amount of £500 to present to selected charities within a three mile proximity of our current developments. These include Beech Hill View on the Glenshane Road and H1B lands on the Skeoge link.

We would like to invite a representative to explain to us the difference that your charity could make to the local community, should you be selected to receive our donation of £500.  

Please submit a 750 word document including a relevant image outlining the work that your charity carries out and what you would use the funds for. Selection of the chosen charity will be based on what is perceived to be the most creative use of funds for the widest possible effect.

Please note that our donation may be divided among more than one charity and the selection of the chosen charity or charities will be at the discretion of a Braidwater Group committee, set up for this purpose.

Braidwater Group has been building homes of quality, style and value for over 40 years and is committed to not only building homes but to bettering the lives of people throughout Northern Ireland.

You can submit your application via email to or alternatively post for the attention of Darren Farnan, Braidwater Group, 25f Longfield Road, Eglinton, BT47 3PY by Friday 28th June 2019.